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The Devonald Gaming Cup

September 2015

So what happened this month?

We changed the rules slightly this month. It used to be 4 games 4 times in a month. We sorta realised this was not possible for us, we just don’t have the time 🙁 So we only played 3 games 4 times – good going for us!

Ashes, Rise of The Phoenix Born – Mike / Mike / Mike / Mike

Ticket To Ride – Tammy / Mike / Tammy / Tammy

Battleship (2014 cardgame from Morrisons) – Tammy / Mike / Mike / Tammy

It was a Mike win this month with some Epic wins for Ashes.

Mike Wins September 2015a

Why a Devonald Gaming Cup?

For the longest time our gaming collection would sit on the self gathering dust. We would only play these great games when other people were around. It felt like such a shame to let these games go to waste. So I (Tammy) came up with a cunning plan – why not make a funky trophy to be awarded to the person that wins the most at the end of a month?

We have been doing this for a while now, whoever wins has the honor of their name on the trophy for the whole month and it sits pride and place in the hallway where everyone can see it. Turns out we play a lot of games now  🙂

So, the rules are,

  • We play 4 different games, Tammy picks a game she would like to play, Mike also picks a game he would like to play, in advance before the month starts.
  • We play these 4 games for times each in a month.
  • We also choose two games at random to play once in the month.
  • In total we should play 10 games for the Devonald Cup
  • Wins when we play with other people do not count.
  • Co-op games can be played – but do not count towards the trophy.

Come back next month and find out who wins . . .

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  1. Drunken Goblin Drunken Goblin

    I may have won this months cup but I have to say that Tamz put up a good fight. She chose the hardest character to play in Ashes and stuck with it. Using a character that burns through the oppositions deck so they start taking damage is not an easy strategy to win with. You have to protect your Phoenix Born while battling a player who has the ability to manifest a massive amount of creatures onto the battlefield leaves your at a disadvantage.

    For my own part I have to say I’m happy with the Ticket to Ride win as Tamz is a demon at this game and loves to beat the AI on her iPad.

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