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A change in tastes – Digital to Analog

Ok so this isn’t going to be a post about how I’m getting older and how things have started to drop off or how things don’t work how they used to. It’s going to be about how my tastes have started to change.  And just in case your interested nothing has dropped off yet…

When I was in my early 20’s I was swapping out my VHS tapes with the newly released DVDs (Just as a side point I’ve been doing exactly the same thing now with Blu-ray but on a much smaller scale). I had a bookcases full of them and some shelves were double stacked. TV used to be my life and sitting in front of the magic box with my nose almost touching the screen (I needed glasses but I hadn’t realised at that point) was my main past time.  PC gaming came a very close second.

Now as I’m coming up to my 40th birthday I’m finding that my tastes in entertainment and hobbies have changed quite a bit.

A lot of the changes have come about after changing my career into IT, just the thought of staring at another screen for hours fill me with dread and I’m so grateful that I switched hobbies into board gaming.


Board gaming is such a nice way to go from the fast pace of instant gratification that is associated with the digital world.  I swear that my attention span has decreased significantly over the last few years since we got rid of our TV license and have started using Netflix and YouTube to watch media. Not liking the video? Switch instantly to a different video about the same subject. Not getting to the point quick enough? Fast forward to the bit you want.

To be able to come to my room and take down a box with no mechanical parts (XCOM not included) and play a game with my wife and friends without ads popping up every 5 minutes is fantastic. Slowing everything down and just enjoying the competition and company of others without button mashing, mouse clicking, or wearing headphones feels just right for an evening’s entertainment.IMG_0428

Reading a good Role-play book (currently Fantasy Age Basic) has become my main source of reading and then taking time to create your own world.


Using nice stationary, just because you can to create a world for others, has let my imagination fly.IMG_2024

Painting miniatures to take my mind away from stress and struggles of the work day and develop my painting skills so I feel I’ve actually achieved something with my free timeIMG_2026
So after 39.5 years I’ve come to the conclusion that time spent with family or friends doing something you love is never wasted…

…or I could watch EastEnders, but that’s no real competition.

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