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Mansions Of Madness – Base Upgrades

After getting really annoyed with the big clunky bases for the baddies that come with the game, I decided there must be a better solution . . .

After checking out Board Game Geek I noticed other gamers sticking the figures to acrylic bases. I purchased various sized clear acrylic round bases from Sally 4th

I prepped the figures by chopping off their pegs with a snipping tool.  I applied a small amount of superglue to the bottom of each limb as needed, the contact points, placed where wanted on the acrylic base and held in place for about 30 seconds.

Remember to take care, do not stick fingers to base!?!

The miniatures now look so much better, the bases do not obscure scenery on the board. Nor do they take up too much space. Most of all they do not fall off their bases at the slightest touch!

Arise, my army of darkness . . .

As you can see, with a before and after cultist, the acrylic bases are so much better. Job well done. (Before you ask, I am more interested in playing this game than painting it, the figures will remain naked!)

Have you done something similar with your games? Let us know and upload images on our Facebook page, we would enjoy seeing them.


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  1. Gonzalo Gonzalo

    What do you do to track the stats numbers and abilities of each monster?

    • Good point, thank you for asking. The new second edition of Mansions of Madness uses an app on your phone or tablet. It keeps track of everything for you. It makes set up and playing the game so much easier. So you just click on the screen to bring up the monsters details.

      • Jake Jake

        I’m just about to do this exact same process. I found some print-off sheets that contain the stats for each monster to use as a reference. It’s a bit easier for figuring out which monster you need to survive a horror check from.

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