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The Problem With Gaming . .

Do you have times when life just gets in the way of your hobby and sucks all the fun out of it?

Recently Mike and I have been struggling to find the time to play games. Mike’s job can be very demanding, so when he gets home, it is his time to switch off. Often his brain power has been spent at work, leaving nothing left for an evening playing games. Once we get to the weekend other responsibilities then creep in on gaming time. Even Games Night with the guys keeps getting cancelled through various circumstances. 🙁

What can we do to re-energise our gaming passion?

We had a games night planned with my cousin and her partner. We did everything we could to ensure it was not cancelled. Boy were we grateful for that night. They shared their new game Fugitive with us. We adapted this two player game so we could all play by working in teams. The whispering made it all the more tense and exciting! Their passion and enjoyment of the game encouraged us to really get involved and have fun.

Playing Fugitive cardgame
When it comes to playing games I try to let Mike choose when. I now know pushing when we play games leads to strained times we do not enjoy. Mike really needs to be in the mood. If left to it Mike finds out all about a game, gets excited and wants to play it with me. Hero Realms is the latest game Mike researched and really wanted to play.

Hero Realms
Finally, we have stopped feeling guilty.

Seriously, we were kicking ourselves for going a week without playing a single game. With over 300 games in our collection it felt like such a waste. Now we understand the importance of quality over quantity – when it comes to time spent playing games. (Not how many games you own, you can never have too many boardgames 😜) Playing a game when you are in the mood is much more fun than forcing yourself to play through each turn when you are not interested. If you can not face two hours of Mansions of Madness, then break out a five minute game of Animal Upon Animal and have a giggle. No pressure leads to more fun.

Animal Upon Animal boardgame
What do you do when you hit a gaming rut? Share your ideas and inspire fellow gamers.


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