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Sushi Go – Review

Gamewright // £12 // 2 – 5 Players // 15 mins // 8+


Pass the sushi! In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master! Inventor Phil Walker-Harding created a unique and immediately approachable take on card drafting that makes for a game that’s easy to learn, quick to play, and yet engaging for all ages. Just like a great meal at a sushi bar, this game will have you coming back for more time and time again! – Gamewright




Why did we want it?

T – Got sucked into a demo game at the UK Games Expo 2015 and I fell in love. Such cute artwork and so easy to learn. Infact the guy showing us how to play was really distracted and we were rushed through it, but still picked it up.


M – Sushi! Why would you not want this game.  Quick, fun and easy to learn.  Also the swapping of hands at the end of the turn really makes you watch what other players are collecting.


Why did we keep it?

T – Great little girly game for me. Good for introducing games to newbies. Just remember to be patient with them, it is an odd mechanic to pick up, passing your cards around the table!


M – Fast and fun with games taking ten mins and pictures on the cards are as cute as a button.  Brilliant as a filler game although I will admit it fell a little flat on hardcore gamers.


Handy tips/techniques?

T – Keep ontop of your puddings. If you have the least it can be a bugger to lose 6points right at the last step. I like going for the green Sashimo and the blue dumplings if possible, they seem to get me the wining games.


M – Watch what others are playing in front of them as you can tell what could be taken out of the hands you are being given,  If a player to your left is collecting a set you could take play cards to stop them getting the set (troll face).



T – Cute overload! I know this Gamewright version is infect a re-make and there is a lot, and I mean a lot of love for the original. I think you are in one camp or another when it comes to which artwork you like. I think the gamewright version is just a little more polished and kawaii.

I do have one problem with the artwork on this game – what is with the back of the cards? They are sooo boring. Anything would have been better that dull red with leafs.


M – Cute Sushi!  Would you believe it possible?

Sushi Go Cutouts


T – Sushi Go is just a card game in a metal tin, but they are quality cards. Good job really. The first game I got a bit enthusiastic and slapped down a dumpling card, promptly folding it in half. Bugger. So we thought about putting the cards in sleeves to protect them from me, but soon realised they would never fit back in the tin if we did that. So I have to rein in my slapping down the cards in triumph antics.

With the whole old game design v new game design there was one component missed out on the new print. Score cards. It has been mentioned in a few reviews that you have to go and get a pen and paper to add up the scores as you go. Not that big of a deal, but a bit of a faff when the score card system in the old game worked so well.


M – Going to agree with Tamz here that a scoring system would be good as this is a great travel game but there’s not always pen and paper available.  The tin is great as I’m a fan of this type of storage.  Granted I will never give up standard size boxes and don’t even get me into talking about odd size board games boxes on shelves. Lols. I just like the way I can bend the tins back into shape… I’m looking at you Forbidden Island.



How does it feel to win/lose?

T – You either win big or go home with this game!

M – When the score goes your way you just want to celebrate… by eating the cards.


How To Play . . .

It’s as simple as:

– Select a card from your hand and place face down in front of you.

– All players reveal their chosen card at the same time.

– Give the rest of your hand to the player on your left and get a new hand of cards from the player on your right.

– Select another card from your new hand . . .

This continues until all the cards have been used and 3 rounds have been completed.


So, how do you decide what cards to use?



Maki Rolls – If you have the most you score 6points, second most 3points. Careful, the number of maki rolls at the top of these cards varies from 1 to 3.


Tempura – You need two of these cards to score 5points. Only have the one, well tough luck, no points.


Sashimi – Collect three sashimi cards to score 10points, again only 1 or 2 sashimi cards, no points.


Dumplings – These accumulate points the more you have.

1 dumpling card = 1point

2 dumpling cards = 3points

3 dumpling cards = 6points

4 dumpling cards = 10points

5 dumpling cards = 15points


Nigiri – Each card score as indicated on the card, Egg = 1point, Salmon = 2points, Squid = 3points


Wasabi – Combine with your next Nigiri to score triple that cards value, so Egg will become 3points, Salmon = 6points, Squid = 9points.


Chopsticks – Use on a later turn to swap for two cards


Pudding – These are set to one side after each round and scored at the end of the game.

If you have the most you gain 6points.

If you have collected the least puddings you loose 6points.



Find out more: Gamewright


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    I just read through the archives of the blog, and I am loving it. It’s apparent how much joy and care goes into everything you post here, and all of the DIY stuff is just lovely!

    • Drunken Goblin Drunken Goblin

      Thank you, we do enjoy accessorising our games and making them ours

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