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Super Dungeon Explore – Painting The Colonel

OK so lets get to painting the next miniature in Super Dungeon Explore with The Colonel…

BT - The Colonel - Ref 00

This is a very simple miniature and doesn’t have a massive amount of details which make it an easy miniature to paint.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 01

The first step is to prime the miniature with white spray paint.  It’s a good idea to make sure it’s covered completely in white as it saves you having to paint it white later.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 03

Once the white paint has dried completely cover the miniature in a watered down sepia wash to add definition to the miniature and shadows.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 04

I want to show you an example of why I water down the paints and use multiple layers.  When painting with the paint straight from the pot you can leave paint brush marks.

Here’s the red plume on top of The Colonels head, as you can see on the first pass you can still see marks from the brush.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 05

Watering down the paint and using multiple layers reduces the brush strokes. After a couple more passes you can see that the brush marks disappear and you get a nice solid colour.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 06

Here I’ve painted the beak and the yellow.  If a dark base paint was used we would have to paint the parts white first to make the yellow bright.  Otherwise the darker colour would come through and make the yellow look dirty.

I use a white glaze (white paint watered down) to go over the body parts that I wanted to be white.  The sepia wash made the miniature look dirty and I wanted it to be more of a flat white.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 07

The beak and legs need to be washed to give them definition so I made an orange wash by watering down some orange paint and applying to the yellow areas.  If you get too much wash on one area you can use a dry brush to remove the liquid.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 08

I painted the patch and pupil using just black paint then the rest of the eye yellow.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 09

With the miniature finished we have to paint the base.  I painted it black and then painted the cobblestone grey.

BT - The Colonel - Ref 10 BT - The Colonel - Ref 11

So that’s The Colonel painted.


Next up is Miss G Snorts.

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