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The Devonald Gaming Cup

For the longest time our gaming collection would sit on the self gathering dust. We would only play these great games when other people were around. It felt like such a shame to let these games go to waste. So I (Tammy) came up with a cunning plan – why not make a funky trophy to be awarded to the person that wins the most at the end of a month?

Found image from a Google search – sorry!

For some reason I ended up with some of the most ugly candle holders from Ikea you have ever seen. They happen to be designer and hand made, but still, I hate them. I think I had some plan to take the top off and use them as dice containers, but they just broke.
In the end I was left with a gold one, so I turned it into a fun trophy! I went crazy with a glue gun, poker chips, dice and some playing cards, oh and a ton of gold spray paint 😀

Devonald Gaming CupWe have been doing this for a while now, whoever wins has the honor of their name on the trophy for the whole month and it sits pride and place in the hallway where everyone can see it. Turns out we play a lot of games now 🙂


So, the rules are,

  • We play 4 different games, Tammy picks two games she would like to play, Mike picks two games he would like to play, in advance before the month starts.
  • We play these 4 games for times each in a month – total 16 games played.
  • Wins when we play with other people do not count.
  • Co-op games can be played – but do not count towards the trophy.


So what happened this month, August 2015?

We ended up only playing 3 of the 4 games. (the 4th was Maskerade, we hate playing it and it was unceremoniously chucked out of our collection after two plays and scrubbed off the list)

Splendor – Tammy / Tammy / Mike / Tammy

Impulse – Tammy / Mike / Tammy / Mike

Camel Up – Mike / Mike / Mike / Tammy

So we drew this month, no sudden death matches, we share the glory. We are a happily married couple after all.

Devonald Gaming Cup August 2015

So come back and check out who wins next month, we will keep you posted!

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