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Love Letter – Review

Alderac Entertainment Group / £7.99 – £13.99 /  2-4 Players / 20 mins / Age 10+ 


Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck. The game features incredibly simple rules that create dynamic and exciting player interaction. Players attempt to deliver their love letter into the Princess’s hands while keeping other players’ letters away. – AEG

Love Letter Tempest edition by AEG

I think Mike purchased this game because of all the great reviews. Then it sat on the shelf and gathered dust for ages. When our friends Kate & Johan played it with us and showed just how amazingly simple it is, Love Letter became and instant hit. They even made us envious with their little heart tokens from Ebay instead of boring wooden red tokens. Since then we have played this game almost non-stop.


Love letter is a fantastic Boardgame to introduce people into the world of gaming. It is quick to learn and takes long enough to play that you understand the mechanics and feel like you have a chance of winning early on. Not to mention with only 16 cards and some tokens of affection contained in a pretty little bag, it takes up next to no room in the games room.

The game fits into this one small, good quality, red velvet bag.
The game fits into this one small, good quality, red velvet bag.

We own the classic Tempest edition of Love Letter. However this is one of those games that has been re-themed soooo much. You are bound to find a version you like. Batman, The Hobbit, Adventure Time, Loot Letter, seriously, the list seems never ending. Then you check out Board Game Geek and see all the homemade re-themes!


If you made a re-theme of Love Letter what would you go for? Let us know in the comments. Share pictures if you have already had a go at your own version!


The artwork is really well done, very regal and thematic for a game about getting a letter to a Princess. I have always thought the Prince looks like Gilderoy Lockheart (Kenneth Brannagh) and if the ladies coughed they would fall out of their corsets!! Although do not mention the Countess being a bit of a court slut when playing a game with your sister-in-law, Mike blushed very red when he asked if she was a Countess after that comment!!!!

Does the Prince look like Gideroy Lockheart to you? Or is that the Potterhead in me?

Love Letter is a boardgame of deduction, so pay attention to the cards being played, look at everything on the table that has already been used and it is really easy to win. A high card on the first round can be a bit of a pain and hard to keep, but it can be done if you have an epic poker face. Failing that ask your husband if he is a Princess at every available chance – lol


It seems to take a long time to get four tokens of affection to win, but you do have fun with lots of backstabbing and accusations along the way, so it feels like a hard earned victory by the end.

Love Letter Princess

When I fell in love with the little hearts Kate and Johan used for their game I knew I would mod our version with something. In the end I put my sugarcraft skills from baking cupcakes to good use. I made little red roses from Fimo. Now when we play everyone gets all excited when they win a round and take a little rose token of affection. If you want to modify this game yourself, check out our Pintrest page for Love Letter. There are some brilliant ideas to look at.


Love Letter is a fantastic little game, no matter which version you have.  It can be used to introduce people to gaming. It can be used as a filler game when Twilight Imperium ends after 7 and a half hours, not the 8 hours planned! It can also be used to wind up your husband when he is called a Princess on the first go and called out more often than not, proving he really has no luck!!!! We recommend you have a version in your collection.


We do come a little unstuck as Love Letter is a boardgame for only 4 people. We would love to play this with bigger groups. Well . . . . AEG have announced a premium version of this game to be released in summer 2016. If this is true we will be the first in line to buy this. With 8 players, new characters, one that looks like he might be a thief, we are excited to hear more news.

Love Letter 05

More information:


Heart Tokens – Meeple Source, a great website to upgrade many boardgame components to nice wooden ones


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