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Ticket To Ride Train Bags

Ticket To Ride may be my favourite game ever. I love it, and I love kicking ass when playing it! However, other than looking a little battered from excessive play, the boardgame looks exactly the same as when we purchased it. I figure if I love this game then it is time to give it some TLC.


The little baggies the trains come in are boring plastic and looking very battered these days. Not long before they give up and break completely. So I had an idea – little handmade drawstring bags.

Ticket To Ride, Handmade, Organza Bags

So, if you wanted to make your own, this is how I did it:

1. I found a ‘clip art’ picture of a train I could trace around to cut out little felt trains to decorate the bags.

Felt Train cutouts

2. Cut out a rectangle of organza, double the height and a bit more, and seam allowance either side. (mine was 35cm x 12cm)

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

3. Fold the rectangle of organza in half and sew both edges.

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

4. Fold the open top back by about 1cm and sew all the way around ( remember not to sew the bag shut, like I did several times :/ )

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

5. Fold the open top back again by about 2cm and sew all the way around, keeping close to the last line of stitching.

6. I added another line of stitching to the very top of the bag, just for added strength when the ribbon is in place.

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

7. Carefully cut away a small part of the corners on both sides, so it sits neater when finished.

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

7. Turn the bag inside out. Attach the felt train to the bag.

aaaaa(I just pinned it in place, turned the bag back inside out, carefully stitched the train in place with a running stitch that did not go through the fabric, then turned the bag back the correct way)

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag a Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

8. Now cut two small holes in the sides of the bag at the top.

aaaaa– Between the two lines of stitches


aaaaa– Take care to only go through ONE layer of the fabric.


9. Cut two pieces of ribbon needed and thread through the top of the bags.

aaaaa– I used a very small safety pin to make this a whole lot easier.

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag a Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

10. Do this again for the other piece of ribbon. Then tie knots in the ends. I also cut the tails on a diagonal to help prevent fraying.

Handmade Organza Drawstring Bag

11. Fill with trains, repeat for the other bags, sit back and play a game of Ticket To Ride whilst admiring your handywork. 🙂

Handmade Ticket To Ride Organza Drawstring Bags


If you make some bags for your game, please share a picture with us. It would be great to see.

Cheers – Tamz



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