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Diggity Dig Dig – Minecraft The Card Game?

MMMMmmm, Minecraft. I love the computer game, simple and easy to play.


Digging up dirt and building a world with your own virtual hands. ¬†Crafting potions and raising animals. Simplistic rules that govern your world. SSSSsss…. Oh bugger!


Then there’s Creepers THAT JUST WANT TO KILL YOU AND BLOW UP EVERYTHING YOU’VE CREATED! Have I told you how much I hate Creepers!

Bloomin Creeper

So when walking around my local ASDA I came across a little card game based on the Minecraft game and I had to try it out.

Minecraft The Cardgame?

See there’s a question mark there. It’s not a mistake.

The Game

Playing Mincraft The Cardgame?

Inside the box you get a mixture of resource cards (Cobblestone, Dirt, Wood, Iron,etc) that you collect. You can then use these resources to build tools which give you single use abilities and victory points.


When you turn over a Creeper card you have to dispose of a resource from your hand. ¬†Told you they are bad, but if you have a sword from a previous turn you can ignore the effect by using it’s ability, single use of course.


Minecraft The Cardgame? Resource cards

Minecraft The Cardgame? Tool cards

Collect a TNT Card and you can collect two resource of your choice from the ones on display and discard the others.

It’s a really nice simple game that reminds me a lot of Splendor and I love that game.

If you see this at your local ASDA or FLGS, pick it up, its a fun card game.

Cheers – Mike


Tamz – I love that this game is so easy to set up and play that we can play it in the living room. Sometimes it is a bother to trek out to the games room and set up something like Ticket to Ride! Sometimes we don’t want to think about playing a game and this one fits perfectly. A bit of strategy in picking up the best cards, a bit of reaction when a Creeper turns up, and a short play time. Would also work for younger kids that love Minecraft, but would struggle with a lot of boardgames.

Bloomin Creepers


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