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Boardgame Edition Wars


I love Descent, it reminded me of Hero Quest and the Road to Legend expansion added a feeling of an D&D campaign.

Descent Boardgame

Mansions of Madness is a brilliant game with puzzles, a sense of exploration, and added madness.

Mansions of Madness Boardgame

Doom took the great mechanics from Descent and added a demon invasion of Mars to the mix.

Doom Boardgame

Runebound felt like you were playing a game by yourself, even when playing with others… win some lose some I guess.

Runebound Boardgame

What these titles also have in common is that they are all getting new editions. It’s got me worried because what I really don’t want in my hobby is edition wars on the shelves. Boxes being sacrificed to the cult of the new. Buying games with use by dates and a sense of foreboding because there could be a newer version just around the corner. *cough* iPhone *cough*


I brought the new 2nd edition of Descent and the feeling of getting it was bitter sweet. I loved my collection of Descent and it felt like this new version was belittling it.  I never purchased any new expansions and I’m still in love with first edition.  Now with announcements of newer versions of Doom (new computer game released) and Mansions of madness (with added app) I’ve lost enthusiasm and I’ve no interest.

Boardgame editions

I’ve seen this a lot with Roleplay games, D&D is on the 5th edition and Warhammer Fantasy has gone through 3 editions. Usually this is because the system has gotten so big for new players so it’s reset and simplified to get gamers into the hobby.


…and there’s the rub…


Because I also think it’s a good thing. Without new editions being added titles would stagnate and be lost in time.  Would Mansions of Madness be on anyone’s hit list next year if there wasn’t a new version coming with added bling? Doom is riding high at the moment so it’s perfect timing for a new edition. Trying out new things isn’t a bad thing and just because I love what I have doesn’t mean it’s going away.  They are still in my collection but the newer versions have a place in this hobby… I just can’t fit them on my shelves.


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