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Playing Card Holders

We love playing Ticket To Ride, you might have guessed if you read this blog! I have replaced the trains, made little baggies for them, purchased the 1910 upgrade for the bigger cards and love playing the UK map with our home town of Bristol on!

Playeing Card Holders

Yet, there was one thing that still bugged me when we played – the playing cards ending up all over the place. I am always getting into a pickle with keeping ticket cards hidden and train cards in colour order. I figured I needed to build some sort of card holder. So whilst following Mike around B&Q one day I noticed a whole bunch of dowling. I thought some of that and a whole load of wood glue could make something.

I was right.

Playing Card Holders, Ticket To Ride

I decided to cut them down to the size of a 12″ ruler, just because that was super easy to measure. Once I had all the bits cut down to size I stuck one part at a time, waiting until everything was completely dry and secure before adding anything else. Once they were complete I went crazy with some sandpaper to make them all smooth and even. Lovely.

Last night we got to use the new card holders while playing boardgames with our griends Jane and Darren. It was an excitable game as we woke up our 14 month old Godson whilst playing!


So we had a slight problem with the card holders, they only have two slots for cards, so managing all the tickets and train cards got a bit tricky. I needed to make the card holders a smidge longer or have three slots for cards. But nevermind. They work and make life soooo much easier already.

I am going to varnish them, but I might also bling them up with some Meeples!

Boardgame Card Holders

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