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Happy Star Wars Day 2017

May The 4th Be With You!

We love to celebrate May the 4th in the Devonald house. We have a bit of a tradition, play Star Wars themed games whilst eating Wookie Cookies with Yoda Soda! Yummy fun.

Darth Vader Joke

Be playing a bit of Loopin Chewie and Pop Up Darth Vader today we will. Not the most high brow of games, but super fan anyway. 😄

Pop Up Darth Vader and Loopin Chewie

The Wookie Cookies are made from gingerbread men. I then used a cocktail stick to ruffle up the surface to make it look like a hairy Wookie. I totally stole the awesome idea from Geek Chic HQ (check out the other awesome Star Wars themed food ideas)

Yoda Soda & Wookie Cookies

Here is the recipe for Yoda Soda if you wanted to have a go at making it yourself:

Ingredients needed to make the Yoda Soda drink



Cream Soda

Squirty Cream

Green Food Colouring

Green Sprinkles


(I also use Popping Candy/Pop Rocks, I just could not get them this time. It is great to have a crackling drink!)



In a large jug mix 1/3 Limeade with 2/3 Cream Soda.

Add some food colouring to desired Yoda green wanted!

Carefully decorate the top of the glass with the squirty cream. The more you add the better, so much fun!

Now quickly decorate with the green sprinkles and popping candy.

If you have one, bung a green straw in and start sipping. The cream melts all over the place really quickly!


It is a bit of a disgusting flavour, but kinda works at the same time! Bonus tip, a Wookie Cookie dipped into the cream is really tasty 😋

Dunk Wookie Cookies into cream for extra flavour!

Do you celebrate May 4th with any cool Star Wars themed ideas? Will you be playing any epic Star Wars themed games today? Let us know in the comments below.


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