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Terrific Two’s

Our Board Together blog has been going for two whole years now! Time flies when you are having fun, and boy do we have fun with boardgames. We have been up to a lot this past year.

We went to Yorkshire with family last summer and have just got back from visiting them in Scotland this summer. Between us we have lost 7 stone in weight after deciding to get healthier. Joining Slimming World the beginning of December 2016 took dedication – lol!

We have backed waaay to many games on Kickstarter! Some that funded 2016 and only turned up in the last few months, others we are still waiting for.

Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama

Tiny Epic Quest

Tiny Epic Galaxies – Beyond The Black Expansion


Near & Far

Thin Ice

Cat Box

Pack O Game 2



We celebrated Halloween by dressing up as Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph, then Christmas with a King of New York Christmas tree!

After purchasing yet more games we decided we needed more shelf space in the games room. Then promptly filled the space. Oops.

Boardgames Shelfie

We have had 224 plays of 81 games since recording plays beginning of December. The BG Stats app is amazing for recording data and it is great to view the statistics for each game. Turns out Mike wins waaaaay more games than Tamz. Our most played game this year is Lotus – which we only purchased end of January. The second played game, we hang our heads in shame because it is Loopin Chewie. Ah well, it is fun to play.



We want to say another big BIG thank you to all our readers and followers across social media.

We really do enjoy sharing our boardgame experiences and chatting to you all.

Here’s to a few more years . . .



Happy 2nd Birthday


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  1. Steve Steve

    Congratulations on two years of Board Together! I thought you’d like to know that your blog is responsible for getting me into board games. I originally stumbled across Board Together while searching for Deadlands stuff. I looked around more and saw the Takenoko review, and thought “My daughter loves pandas, I should get that for her.” Well, after that Ticket to Ride, Mysterium, and others followed, along with watching dozens of Tabletop episodes…it was all over at that point! I feel like my daughter is building good memories of happy times gaming with Mom and Dad, so thank you!

    • Drunken Goblin Drunken Goblin

      Oh my goodness, that is so brilliant to know. This was exactly why we started our blog. Great to hear you are building family memories, long may they continue.

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