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Custom Guinea Pig Onitama Playing Cards

One of our new favorite and go-to games is the two player game Onitama. We gave it a review a little while back – Onitama Boardgame Review.

Guinea Pigs with boardgame Onitama

Then we heard there was going to be an expansion to add more cards to the game. Awesome! However, we decided the game needed extra cards with a guinea pig theme to match our pawsome pets Scampi & Buddy. So that is exactly what we did!


Onitama is similar to chess, but cards are used to determine the moves you can make each turn. The cards have different movements and you only use a few each game so that helps when replaying the game over and over – keeps it just different enough.

Onitama guinea pig custom made cards

The Buddy Card

Deciding what movement the cards would take for each piggy was easy. They each have their own distinct personalities. For Buddy he likes to wiggle his butt to show he is the dominant piggy. (he’s not, he is a little runt, but he likes to think he rules the roost!) So, the movement had to be backwards and side to side to match something Buddy would actually do.


The Scampi Card

Now, Scampi is aptly named. He really does scamp all over the place. He is still quite young and so occasionally popcorns. However his biggest hobby is to run ALLLLLLL around the cage, over and over and over, a million miles an hour, until the whole thing is swinging from side to side. In fact he is so rough when running Buddy gets fed up and pins Scampi in the house so he cannot get out and run. Lol! So Scampi’s card had to depict that circular movement. There may not be any aim to the movement, Scampi is not the brightest guinea pig, but boy he can move!

Guinea Pigs with matching Onitama cards

Look at these two cuties posing with their own personalised playing cards for Onitama!

Competition Time

When making these cards I printed an extra set. So we decided to give them away in the first ever Board Together Competition!

For a chance to win the two handmade Onitama cards “Scampi & Buddy” let us know what movement would be depicted on an Onitama card for your pet and why. Leave your answer in the comments below and we will pick a winner.

Custom Onitama Playing Cards


  • The prize is just the two custom homemade cards for Onitama, you will need the base game to play with them and the base game is not part of the competition.
  • These are homemade custom cards, not professional quality or endorsed by Arcane Wonders/Dice Tower Essentials.
  • The winner will be chosen Saturday 22nd July 2017.


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