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Playing With Rory Story Cubes

Rory Story Cubes are dice used as a creative story generator. Roll the dice and come up with a story from the icons you can see. They are aimed at children to encourage imagination and language development. Mike and I have had great success too, using these story cubes to generate RPG campaigns. From a whole Doctor Who story arc to adding elements in the My Little Pony game. They really do help spark the imagination.


Here is a quick story telling example –

Rory Story Cubes, Pirate Story


From these dice rolled I came up with this story –

Once upon a time, about 3 o’clock last Tuesday, I decided to set out on an expedition to find some treasure. I packed my bag and grabbed my trusty treasure map and was off.

Looking at my map I knew I needed to bear left and started plodding along, thinking about the sort of treasure I might find. PIRATES I thought. They have buried treasure everywhere. Sailing the high seas, looting and pillaging all the unfortunate souls they come across. Pirates couldn’t possibly keep all that booty on the ship, it would sink!

So they hunt out likely looking desert islands, letting the local wildlife like crabs, snakes and tropical birds guard the treasure. Drawing a map to find it all again. Sure enough, X marked the spot, I found a treasure chest buried in the sand!


Did you want to have a go?

Well, here is a picture of a random roll of the dice. We would love to see what you come up with, let us know your story in the comments below.

Tell a Roroy Story Cube story

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