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Tamz’ Childhood Memories Of Gaming

We have been blogging about boardgames for a while now and thought you might like to know a bit more about our gaming history. So here are some gaming memories from my childhood – Tamz

The good

I once stayed at our neighbours house for a week whilst my parents went on holiday without me. During this week I played an epic game of Monopoly with my friend. We broke it out one evening and played it a little bit each night. We sat on the floor watching TV at the same time. I think it stopped me going insane watching a whole load of soap operas in a one TV house. We took our time playing the game, enjoyed each other’s company and there were no arguments or hard feelings. I do not even remember who won, just that we had fun whilst playing a boardgame 😄

Monopoly childhood memories
The Bad

I am an only child. Growing up I would have to entertain myself so boardgames were not really the best toys. I remember pestering my poor mum to play Save Your Bacon with me, more often than not I would just see how many pigs I could stack on the tower before they fell off! I also had the game Downfall. Again, I would just fiddle about with it on my own, getting the tokens to the bottom. These days the gaming scene has improved and there are lots of games with a solo variant. In the nineties I only had Screwball Scramble. Boy was I good at that thing! It was not all bad though, I had a Gameboy and a PS1. In fact I was the reigning champion at Bubble Bubble, nobody could beat me at that computer game!!

Screball Scramble


Downfall boardgame
Image from


Save Your Bacon boardgame
Image from Ebay

The Ugly

My worst gaming memory, surprise surprise, also involves Monopoly. When I was very young I played it with my cousins. Now, being an only child I was still getting to grips with playing boardgames with others. I was trying to remember all the rules and what to do on my turn. So when my cousin landed on one of my properties and I didn’t say anything, they didn’t have to pay. It’s in the rules, it was indeed my responsibility. What hurt was when they started laughing in my face saying I couldn’t do anything about it. I just remember how unfair it all felt. Of course being an only child I flew into a sulk and the adults just decided I was being a brat. It is a memory I keep in mind to this day when playing with someone new to a game. I help them, point out mistakes and let them re-take turns if wanted. They need to learn the game before I can whip their butt in a fair fight 😆

Monopoly memories
I am older in age if not maturity and I really enjoy playing games with my partner Mike. We have a few “house rules” to ensure we do not fight because of gaming. We really enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as we want gaming to be a fun experience to share together. We recommend not playing confrontational games with with loved ones and to help each other during the learning phase of each game. Re-take turns, point out better ways to take a turn even if it means you loose. It does make for a much happier time when playing with loved ones.


What boardgames do you remember playing as a child? Let us know in the comments below. Better yet, share pictures on social media with us, we would love to see them!


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Disneyland memoriesI may not have gone on holiday with my parents that time, but they did take me to Disneyland numerous times. So technically, yes, I was a spoiled little brat!! Chip and Dale were two of my favorites. I remember watching Rescue Rangers as a kid. The photo on the left is in Florida in the 80’s the photo on the right is in LA in the 90’s. I cannot believe I had the same haircut, lol!




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