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Bring the Bling to Deadlands Reloaded

I love the Deadlands roleplay settings.

Deadlands Reloaded is the weird west. Not only are there Cowboys and Indians but there’s also Zombies and a splattering of Steam punk as well.

Deadlands Noir is set in New Orleans during the 1930’s with detectives, Voodoo and political wranglings.

Deadlands Hell on Earth is a post apocalyptic world, think Mad Max, with mutants and people just trying to survive with the little they have.

Being a gamer I like to add a bit of bling to the gaming sessions and that’s where this little pile comes in handy. . .

Wooden Boxes

In these boxes are a few little things that I hope will bring a bit more theme to the Deadlands sessions I’ll be running.

Deadlands Reloaded

So lets start with Deadlands Reloaded and the Wild west theme.  As the new Deadlands settings use the Savage Worlds system there are a few items needed as well as Pen & Paper.

Playing Cards


Savage Worlds use playing cards for initiative and random tables so lets start there.  I had a couple of choices when looking at the wild west theme and my first thought was the Plugged Nickle playing cards from Bicycle.


These are fantastic looking cards but they don’t scream the old west to me as they look too clean. So lets look at some older looking cards from Bicycle.


These are right on the money when it comes to the Old West feel of the game. They look like they have been around the block a few times and are well used. Perfect.

Fate Chips

Playing cards, check… Now we need some Poker chips to act as the Fate chips.  These were easy to find as poker chips are sold in a tonne of shops.


What I also wanted to do was make the table look like we were playing a game of poker, so I decided to not only to use them for Fate Chips but to use them for something else as well.


These chips are going to be used for character markers.  Savage Worlds can use miniatures during play, but I use these to show roughly who’s engaged combat wise.  The white chips are for characters, blue for NPCs, red for the big bads, and green for smaller critters.



I always like to use glass beads instead of tokens. They look great and can be brought in loads of colours. These are going to be used to track wounds and magic points.



The Deadlands dice are awesome and have great details on the faces, so this was easy.


When running roleplay games you have a GM/DM, but in the case of Deadlands you have a Marshal.  So looking on eBay I just had to get one of these.


So as you can see I’ve quite a few items for the sessions and I hope it adds something to the game.

Next time I will show what I’ve got planned for Deadlands Noir.


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